Slip into the curvy style Primark jeggings

I am pleased with my curvy style Primark jeggings. The colour and fit looks much better in real life than on the internet. I ordered a size 6 which was true to size and fitted nicely. i’m 5’4 and do not like ankle grazers so ordered a size longer in the leg which fitted perfectly. They are high waisted which personally I don’t like, My favourite pair of jeans are the curvy style Primark jeggings which were low waisted. Unfortunately after they broke I had to get the high waisted ones as I found it very hard finding jeans I felt happy in. The quality isn’t as good as it used to be and lots of people have said theirs have become baggy but only time will tell. Overall the curvy style Primark jeggings are flattering and go with everything. Love these jeans and because I know my size it means I can order them over and over. Brilliantly skinny with a stretch that makes them really comfortable. My only gripe? Why do they only make them ankle grazers? I know I’m not the only one who wishes Primark would make them in longer sizes. I had to go up a length to stop them looking like I was wearing my younger sisters clothes but I still wish they were longer! These curvy style Primark jeggings are just gorgeous, they fit me like a glove. However, many curvy style Primark jeggings are quite big for there size. I am a size 8 usually in bottoms yet i always have to buy a size 6 for jeans, as they stretch in the wash. The colour is perfect and you can wear them all year round. For me, sometimes they wrinkle and ride up around the back of the knee, but this is never that much of an issue. Overall they are a brilliant buy! I couldn’t live without these jeans! Tried on these jeans just by chance and loved them from that moment on! Great fit and very flattering as well as comfortable! I’ve just bought another pair in a different colour because these are definitely a stable item in my wardrobe. they are a gorgeous fit, with a lovely soft quality. the stretch in them is spot on and has stayed in perfect condition after being washed. this dark indigo denim goes well with everything! I can’t fault them! I am going to buy another pair in a different colour! – Samantha Jonas

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