Pair up the beautiful boyfriend jeans

These are my first pair of Primark boyfriend jeans, and I am fully converted! I ordered these 1 size up and they are the perfect slouchiness that I wanted. The denim is very comfortable and the wash is perfect. I think they look much better in person than in the picture online. Since I’m 5’11”, these are a little short on me, but since they are cuffed it looks fine. I would highly recommend these Primark boyfriend jeans . First of all I would like to say that Primark are and have been since I was 15,am now 48,my favorite Primark boyfriend jeans! The Primark boyfriend jeans is great, the fit is just right, a little on the big size, I did not really care for the color but it will do. I would like to see Primark make the Primark boyfriend jeans for women, like in a low waist slim fit. Thank you Primark, keep making these Primark boyfriend jeans jeans I am usually always looking for the Primark boyfriend jeans  to get that slim look I wanted. Like another reviewer said, they really do fit like a glove. And I have me some hips, but they are really flattering on me! I already have a pair of baggy original Primark boyfriend jeans so this time I wanted a more fitted look. These Primark boyfriend jeans are great! They are super comfy, the rips are perfect, my tush looks awesome and the denim color is actually a tiny bit acid washy (in a good way lol) but not? Kind of hard to describe, but it’s a classic muted. I have been in the market for a new favorite pair of go to jeans and after living most of my teen/ early adult life in boyfriend jeans, I was hesitant to try Primark boyfriend jeans fearing they would not flatter my curvy frame. Boy was I wrong! They fit like a glove as soon as I put them on, the calves have a little room in them which make them flatter the lower leg as opposed to strangling my calves and looking ridiculous. After my initial order I came back and ordered 3 more pairs. Cannot recommend more. blue but looks really cool and vintagey throughout. The tapering of the leg give it more of a feminine look and feel. The length is great on me too where the hem stops right at my ankles, unrolled. So these will be really good and easy to wear in the summer, I’m thinking, because they’re not as heavy. I’m super happy with these jeans and intend to wear them with my birks all spring/summer/fall/winter long!

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