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Multi Check Swim Shorts

In summers people come out to shop for holidays shopping. To buy an elegant swim short is on the top of list of every customers because summers are the only time of the year when you could go out for party and fun on swimming pools or beaches. So to relish true fun of summers in this Multi Check Swim Shorts. The new collection has numerous collection of shorts and t shirts. Continue reading

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Khaki Pink Board Shorts

Primark as knows every year launch its new arrivals for summers. In this year summer collection Primark has included this year summer collection with full thrill and fun the new arrivals include Khaki Pink Board Shorts. This is a plain black colour short and pink patch on the waist line. The black and pink colour combination makes it elegant and flawless for summers. Continue reading

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Cobalt Blue Slim Fit Crew Neck T-Shirt

Plain colour shirts are rare to find that are cool and agreeable, those people who are looking for these shirts would know the true value of this shirt. The shirt is made with the simple theme of sky and oceans which has become very popular at all Primark stores. The shirt has become top seller at Primark of 2015. Keeping in mind the popularity of this most favorite thing that people do in their vacations such as surfing and other outdoor games. Primark has made a plain t shirt with no logo on the front or back simple and sophisticated. Continue reading

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Charcoal Basic Shorts

Charcoal is a colour which has a tendency of being neither too sharp nor too dull. It is a shade that is soft and calm for sizzling midsummers. In summers shoppers usually prefer that are not too dull that undermine their appearance nor too sharp that bring them in spot light all the time. Customers prefer the colours that blend them in normal public yet making their appearance agreeable. Continue reading

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Blue White Pinstripe Swim Shorts

The swim shorts introduced in Primark stores in summer 15 collection is stunning and vibrant in sizzling summer days. This looks ideal in summer days for the best moments of summers. These are also known as trunk shorts because of their small size and casual fittings.Trunks are transitory shorts, loose fitor calm, worn for swimming, sports, particularly boxing, surfing, and track. Continue reading

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Blue Summer Vibes T-Shirt

In summer what more could you expect then if you find a t shirt that has logo of summer vibes on the front and Miami Beach picture. The pic in the front shoes the cool and stunning beach view with beach sands, palm trees and mesmerizing sunset. The beach view with the logo of summer vibes make this shirt a must addition in your wardrobe collection. Continue reading

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Blue Gingham Check Swim Shorts

Summer is the best time of the year when you could go and party outdoors in sun on shoreline. But the things you have to follow to enjoy the best out of these summers in full swing and thrill. The colour scheme of these shorts is stunning and stylish. The blue and white colour make it best for hot weather and sunny days. In summers what better could anyone think of doing then relish on beach. Continue reading

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Yellow Basic Swim Shorts

Yellow is the colour of summers. Because of its resemblance to sun and also it make your persona shine in a daylight. The best part about owning this short is it will match to any colour dress and suits to everyone persona easily. The shorts are in light colour which is vibrant theme that make it look classy in sun light. In summers people have planned their holidays on beachesand sea shores so to make your appearance stunning and classy add this in your wardrobe. Continue reading

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Turquoise Basic Swim Shorts

Summer is the season for parties and adventures also known as festive season. In summer people really adore light colours and walk around in sun and with full style. In summers it is a difficult thing to wear the same traditional cloths that you wear in spring, In summer the light and bright cloths are a must have thing. This Turquoise Basic Swim Shorts is in vibrant and lively blue colour. Continue reading

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Teal Contrast Back Pocket Swim Shorts

Light coloured and stunning shorts are something Primark brand is renowned for in public. In this elegant summers style yourself with these stunning and lively swim shorts. The Teal Contrast Back Pocket Swim Shorts launched in summer 15 collection for exclusive sale. The light and superb teal colour make this stunning and beautiful for people of all age especially for mature people. Those people who relish to wear plain colour shorts. Continue reading

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Red Brooklyn Graphic Hoody

Red colour is most known vibrant and lively colour. The new arrivals of 2015 has exclusive Red Brooklyn Graphic Hoody. This is a closed hoody with no zip or button on front. The design of this hoody is simple and sophisticated. The out class looks you will get in these is unimaginable. The colour of this would hold every one eyes on you thus automatically put you in public spot light. Continue reading

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Red Basic Swim Shorts

In summer red colour has its own space nothing could match the shine and class of this colour. Summers are the season best known for its festivals and beach parties? Every one of us must have experienced a rave party in summers. In such parties dull clothing or wearing jeans looks awkward and uncool so you must go to parties in style and elegance. Continue reading

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Navy Cross Print Swim Shorts

The new shorts collection of Primark include this stunning and elegant Navy Cross Print Swim Shorts which is launched in the 2015 collection of Primark. This is made of pure cotton and the colour scheme of this is superb and marvelous. The colour of this is navy colour and the dotted print on the short is superb. The short has very comfortable elastic that is very stretchable and the thread is also included to adjust the size of shorts either to tight or loosen it according to your waist. Continue reading

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Navy Aztec Printed Sleeve Zip Hoody

Aztec design is the thing revived from our ancient civilizations this design back root goes to Greek whose monuments have design like these. Primark has tried to bring the glow of our ancient civilizations back to our life and revival of history in summers 15 collection of cloths. The new arrivals include this elegant and stunning Navy Aztec Printed Sleeve Zip Hoody that looks eye catchy and stunning in cloudy days of summers.Aztec print is a design from Greeks. Continue reading

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Mid Length Black Mesh Shorts

Mid length shorts are the exclusive in its own kind firstly introduced at Primark and now has become very popular in summers collection of 2015. The Mid Length Black Mesh Shorts are smaller than regular shorts to give your body the ultimate pleasure and joy that it truly deserve. Some people don’t like light colour funky printed shorts. They go for dull colours and plain shorts. Continue reading

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Light Grey Union Jack London Hoody

It is renowned that people prefer light weight and vibrant coloured cloths in summers. So in new arrivals of this year 2015 Primark has added all new Light Grey Union Jack London Hoody that looks stunning and elegant in public. Union jack is counted in world most popular things it is also known as flag of United Kingdom. So Primark has printed this famous design on the front of the hoody the have hurled in market. Continue reading

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Ivory and Grey Striped Shorts

In summers shorts are very popular choice of youngsters and teenagers. They love to make their outfit cool and comfortable. This Ivory and Grey Striped Shorts is for hot summers. In summers if you want to go on beach and make yourself comfortable and relaxed then this is the perfect outfit for you. The shorts are made of stretchable and soft cotton that will adjust to your body. Continue reading

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Grey Marl Zip Hoody

Even in summers sometimes you might need hoodies if weather taken a sudden turn and change from hot to mild and if you want to avoid getting sick or catching cold have this in your closet all set for the thrill and enjoy of summers.This is a zip hoodie that will cuddle to your body effortlessly and alter your looks into a celebrity. This is anticipated for spring so that is why made from distinctthin andsoft fabric. Continue reading

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Grey Contrast Back Pocket Swim Shorts

Primark is best known for its summer clothing collection. The New Year arrival is exclusive and full of thrill. The new collection include Grey Contrast Back Pocket Swim Shorts that looks elegant and flawless. This is in grey colour that looks superb in summers. This is a very cool in stunning summer days that is flawless and if you buy this and add in your closet this would make your selection easy and super easy. Continue reading

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Grey Blue Micro Gingham Swim Shorts

In summers everyone loves to go on vacation and people usually have parties planned well in advance. In summer people are looking forward to parties and endless celebration. Summers are best known and remembered for their festivals. People go for vacation to different destinations. If you have planned your vacation to Maui beach or Miami Beach’s then this is the best gift Primark has brought for you this stylish and elegant Grey Blue Micro Gingham Swim Shorts for summer 15 collection at all Primark stores. Continue reading

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Denim Look Floral Swim Shorts

This all new Denim Look Floral Swim Shorts is exclusive Primark summers 2015 collection. The new arrivals have stunning and eye catchy collection of shorts that elegant and flawless on any casual occasion. These are intended for all types of casual and spontaneous occasions. In summers you must have a stack of cool shorts because you cannot wear same for long time. Continue reading

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Cobalt Blue Basic Swim Shorts

Basic colour swim shorts are relished by majority of people who enjoy summers and enjoy vacation with a full swing. This Cobalt Blue Basic Swim Shorts is hurled in store for the new 15 collection of this summers. This is mainly intended for mature individuals who love to wear basic or plain coloured shorts rather than funky shorts with cartoon designs. The colour is smoothing that looks really vibrant this would look even better in bright day light. Continue reading

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Bluetooth Speaker

Primark has introduced this all new Bluetooth speaker with super loud sound. Helping as single of the business’sleading self-developed products afterward the conclusion of its high-classindustrializedproduction of Bluetooth speakers, the portable speakers was designed by Primark studio teamin china, and conveys a capsule based lookapproximately 8.7 inches (22 cm) in size. Continue reading

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Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth is a modern way to connect devices. Primark has designed a headphones to wear while walking or workout. The headphones have a capability of connecting with cell phones or other gadgets via Bluetooth electronic transmission. These are rechargeable have a long lasting battery that would last for a long time with a single charge. This is not like other ear sets that you have to tuck inside the 3.5mm audio jack of cell phones. Continue reading

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Blue Spotty Swim Shorts

In summer it is the time when you could wear casual clothes to sit back and calm down in your vacations. In summers people prefer casual clothing over their routine jeans and other stuff. Primark has extensive range of exclusive swim shorts that they have launched this year for summers. The new collection include Blue Spotty Swim Shorts that look cool and stunning in summers. Continue reading

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Black Gibson Lace up Shoe

Black lace up shoes look elegant and appropriate for business dress. Black colour shoes make your impression stunning in public and gives you the best looks that you could never have. Lace up your shoes and carry with a dress pant and formal wear. This is mainly intended for formal wearing.Primark’s shoes collection can augment the radiance of your persona and stretch you a calmappearance in the blisteringmidsummer. Continue reading


Black Drop Crotch Joggers

In summers people are looking for calm and cool looks. Jogger are for those people who love to work out our gym in their leisure time. The stuff and quality of this joggers make it ideal and cool in summers.In summers customersadore to attirespontaneoussprinters and retain themselves gone from skinny chinos. Primark exclusivegatheringcomprisesblack crotch Joggers that look splendid and enormous. Continue reading


Black Basic Swim Shorts

Consider yourself lucky if you find elegant and comfortable short in summers. Out of all funky and shocking coloured shorts that suits to youngster or teenager but not to the mature person who relish to stay sophisticated and simple. So keeping this in mind Primark for 15 summer collection they added numerous elegant plain coloured swim shorts. The new collection include Black Basic Swim Shorts that looks cool in basic dark and colour but yet smooth to avoid looking overdressed perfectly agreeable. Continue reading

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Flawless Yellow Denim Shorts

If we make a poll among people about their favorite colour in summers for casual wear without being biased I could undoubtedly say that most people will vote for yellow due to its stunning effect in sun light and tendency to match with any colour shirt. The new collection of 2015 is now in stores and also available online that include stunning yellow colour shorts which looks fabulous. Continue reading

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White Woven Strap Flip Flops

Flip flop are the gift for summers. The white woven strap is very comfortable and calm. This year new arrivals include White Woven Strap Flip Flops that looks smart and elegant if you walk in these in bright summers. These innovativelydesigned vibrant brown flip-flops are preciselyprevalent for summers of 15 assortment. The flip-flops are in energeticbrown and red color with white and red stripes. Continue reading

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White Skinny Jeans

Primark has come out with white skinny jeans in fashion market for their exclusive summer 15 collection in lively vibrant white color. Primark has a wide-ranging skinny jeans for men’s and ladies. Skinny jeans are shown by a tailor fabricated and semi-fitted waist and legs that narrow down to expose your lower legs. They style legs seemtinny and are at present-day in excessive fashion midst ladies. Continue reading

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Lively White Printed Stripe T-Shirt

T shirts are the must wear items for summer season. Primark stunning summers 15 collection include wide variety of t shirts. These are available in different sizes and colours. This new t shirt is in white colour with red and blue stripes on front with little spaces. The shirt is round neck without collarperfect for sizzling summers. The neckline is so smooth and soft that even if worn for whole day your neck would not have any kind of distress. Continue reading

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White Polka Dot Short Sleeve Shirt

This is spectacular looking short sleeves shirt available in summers of 2015 at Primark stores. Primark has hurled large quantity of these new button down shirts in their new arrivals. This new collection include White Polka Dot Short Sleeve Shirt. It looks elegant and stunning in sunlight it is in dark blue colour and polka dots. The shirt has collar buttons that make it straight even if worn for whole day. Continue reading

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White Miami Vest

In summer it is considered the time to move away from your routine university or work like and enjoy the holidays. To make these summers more fun Primark has launched their new summer collection for 2015 which includesWhite Miami Vest. This is a plain white Coloured vest with Miami Beach coastline tiles pictures. The different scenes in the pictures include sunsets, palm trees, seaside resorts and people playing on beach. Continue reading

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White Long Length Zip T-Shirt

If you are looking for the new fashion and want to follow up to date trends then this is the ideal shirt for you. Long length T shirts is aninnovativeinclination people everywhereworldwide people are now fancy long shirts over monotonous small t-shirts. The elegantwhite colour shirt looks vivid in cheerful day light this aspectsunruffled and lively. The length of this shirt is fashionable and rendering to contemporary days fashion vibes. Continue reading

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Venice Beach Vest

Vest are from longtime coming in plain white or black colour. In market it was very difficult to find an attractive and stylish vest designed according to current fashion vibes. Primark has launched their new summer collection with full swing and have arranged lot of fashion shows for their summer 15 casual wears. The newfangled arrivals include the stylish and colourfull vest which has a theme of Venice beach. Continue reading

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Vibrant Union Jack PJ Set

Primark major collection includes its PJ set for summer 15 fresh arrival. Primark has added a whole new range of PJ set. The Union Jack is known as a national flag of United Kingdom. The Union flag print on Primark shirts looks cool and marvelous. To give its customers the patriotic feeling towards their country Primark has added Union flag in the front of the shirt. Continue reading

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Transfomers T-shirt

Transformer age of ultra has become viral and global blockbuster around the globe. The small transformer logos are printed on the front and back. This year Primark collection include stunning t shirts for this warm summers. The new shirt is in elegant grey colour and small transformers logos. This is available in different sizes and colours. This is a round neck shirt that suits to the smart people. Continue reading

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Straw Trilby

In summer hats of different style are liked by customers. Because it provide protection from direct contact of sun while going in open sun.Primark presentsstraw trilby hat. These hats make reverberations in ubiquity eachthe minute in a though, though not eachhat will giveexpression ofabundant hat on every single head. The dimension, the colour, and flush the silhouette must be precise. Continue reading

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Stone Stripe Lace Up

Primark has a huge lace up collection. The new arrivals for summer 15 collection include Stone Stripe Lace Upsneakers. Sneakers or canvas shoes are off-the-cuff casualsporty shoes. Sneaker gleaners are called sneaker heads, use sneakers as stylish items for your outfit. Spontaneous sneakers such as the stone stripe lace up have become representations in today’s populartrends. Continue reading

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Star Wars Nepp Grey Jumper

Star wars series is everyone favorite and all time popular among people of all gender and ages. The best thing about this jumper is this could be easily worn in summers as well. On the front of the shirt star wars logo is embedded. This is in very loose fitting and will adjust to your body genuinely. In summer their might be a slight change of weather and to avoid catching fever people should have this jumper in their back up. Continue reading

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Stunning Speckle Short Sleeve Shirt

Primark new summer 15 collection include extensive range of modern and trendy clothing line. Their new collection has become very popular because of its stunning looks and affordable prices. A speckle pattern is a concentration pattern formed by the related intrusion of a set of wave fronts. This marvel has been examined by scientists since the time of Newton, but specks have come into distinction since the origination of the laser and have nowadays originate a diversity of bids. Continue reading

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Jazzy Simpsons Short and T-Shirt PJ Set

Simpson’s lover Primark has designed a special set for you Simpson short and PJ t shirt. Simpson is a renowned TV shows which hold a record of being most popular TV show worldwide. These are still being aired on television and been running from last two decades these are liked by everyone. The shirt is printed with all characters in Simpsons watching TV Simpson lovers will recognize them with even closed eyes. Continue reading

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Saul Goodman T-Shirt

Primark has at all times tried to make t shirts for people which they like most. This new t shirt which they have launched in their summer 15 collection is Saul Goodman T-Shirt. For those who love TV shows must have seen Breaking bad which is most popular and high rated TV show in US. This is very popular in all over the world and that TV show include Saul Goodman who was a lawyer and has a stunning personality in that program. Continue reading

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Red Burnout T-Shirt

Red shirts have become very popular and trendy in summers. Because now a days people love to wear shocking colours. In past people prefer dark coloured t shirts but in today’s world people prefer trendy shirts. This round neck shirt looks spectacular and stunning in sun light and bright days. This is ideal for those who love to follow the fashion of current era and wear what is in trend. Continue reading

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Trendy Purple Contrast Collar Polo

Polo shirts are the casual t shirts with the enhancement of collar. They tend to give little bit formal touch if these are tucked inside the denim jeans. Primark this year new arrival include elegant polo shirts which are colourful and lively. The purple shirt will make your days glow in the sun. The shirt is in vibrant and plain violate colour and the zigzag design on the collar and front pocket make this piece marvelous and eye catching. Continue reading

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Popeye White Vest

Popeye the seller man is very famous cartoon series all around the globe. This character is liked by every kid and youngsters. The Popeye printed on the shirt is the person lifting 1000 lbs. with the finger. The writing on the front is the do you even lift bro? The colour scheme of this shirt is remember able. The elegant white colour shirt with Popeye print make this shirt best for summers. Continue reading

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Pink Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt

Primark has a large customer base of office going people who prefer to buy high class expensive clothing’s. There this year new arrivals of 2015 include large variety of formal wears. The most prominent article among the shirts include this elegant and vibrant Pink Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt. This is a full sleeves smart fitting dress shirts in vibrant pink colour. This is mainly intended for casual events or daily office days. Continue reading

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Stunning Pink Grandad Shirt

Button down shirts are Primark special clothing line which is very popular in formal wear even look marvelous in informal casual wear. Their new summer 15 collection include stunning maroon colored button down shirt. Now a days Pink shirts have become very common among men usually in the past they were only worn by women but now pink is a new trend. The shirt is intended for any formal occasion such as annual dinner at college or university. Continue reading

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Peach Denim Shorts

Primark this year summers collection of 2015 is partially based on casual wear. These new arrivals include Peach Denim Shorts. These are shorts in denim fabric of peach colour. These look elegant and vibrant in warm summer days. In summer if you are intending to take a break from your routine life and go to some place to sit back and relax then this is a perfect for you. Continue reading

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Elegant Party Vest

Primark has displayed their new arrivals at the outlets for summer 15. These are for summers and designed mostly the theme of vacations and casual looks. In summers it become very difficult to wear routine full sleeves or other clothing’s. This is a sleeveless vest that looks very cool in summers. In summers people crave for sleeveless clothing line. To follow up current trends and fashion vibes Primark has designed this party vest. Continue reading

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Paradise Scoop Hem T-Shirt

Summer is season of the year when you see colourfull clothing’s and stylish designer t shirts all around in public. There are lots and lots of stylish shirts. Primark has also launched numerous collection for summer 15 collection. This is an epic t shirt for blistering summers. In summers you are hoping to enjoy the weather and holidays to the full so grab this shirt. Continue reading

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Palm Tree Printed Skate Shoes

Sneakers are need for all people who want to run away from their traditional shoes which are difficult to wear. These are popular because of their comfortable design and soft fabric top. These can be worn without socks giving your feet true comfort in summer holidays which they truly crave in summers. The rubber sole is so soft and smooth that it can be worn for whole day. Continue reading

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Stunning Paisley Print Short and T-Shirt PJ Set

Primark has hurled their summers 15 collection in their outlets as summer season is already here people has started their summer shopping. Primark Paisley Print Short and T-Shirt PJ Set has become very popular among customers they have designed this whole new trendy styled clothing set. This is very historical design which they have tried to revive Paisley or Paisley pattern is a word in English for a design using the both or buta, a droplet-shaped plant motif of Persian origin. Continue reading

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Pac man Six Pac Vest

Primark is famous for its new and elegant designs. They are famous for trying different trends on their clothing lines. The shirt is launched in summers of 2015 Pac man Six Pac Vest that looks cool and marvelous. The shirt is printed with six Pac logo and Pac design of 6 similes. Pac man was very famous game of last decade people around the world like this shirts. This is short sleeve shirt that looks stunning in summers. Continue reading

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New York T-Shirt

New York is the city that never sleeps and is famous around the globe for its tourist and city view. Primark has designed this shirt to make your look elegant and flawless in the public. The scene shown on the shirt is Times Square New York. Where people from around the world come and visit in vacations. If we rank world top 10 destination then surly this would come on the top. Continue reading

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Neon Yellow Maui and Sons Cap

Caps are essentials for summers if you want to work or play outdoors and want to avoid sun at the same time then cap is a necessity. Primark summer 15 collection is hurled with these vibrant Neon Yellow Maui and Sons Cap. Maui and sons is a beach resort and surfing club since 1850s. The theme and intention behind this shirt is to make you look stunning and the holidays thrill and enjoyment which you will get from these cap. Continue reading

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Elegant Navy Printed Polo

Crafted in Italian design from worsted Navy colour, this lavishly frivolous polo shirt is completed with genuine mother of pearl buttons. This is a hot seller of Primark new summer 15 collection. The colour look stunning in ho sun and the dotted design on whole shirt front and back except sleeves make it look elegant. The collar and sleeve are in plain navy colour rest of the shirt has design on front and back. Continue reading

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Navy Polka Dot Short Sleeve Shirt

Primark has a reputation of trying and setting new fashion trends. In summer 2015 new collection to continue this trend Primark has made new line of button down shirts to give you sophisticated looks in blistering summers. In summers everyone is looking for light weight material cloths that looks elegant and calm. This new Navy Polka Dot Short Sleeve Shirt looks fab if you wear them on any ceremonial or casual event. Continue reading

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Stylish Navy Oriental Bird Short Sleeve Shirt

Navy shirts are very popular among people in summer. Primark has launched their stunning clothing line for summer 15. These are very popular among customers. The eye catchy navy colour and stunning bird design make this shirt elegant and remarkable. In summers people tend to move away from traditional full sleeves shirts so Primark has made this marvelous short sleeve shirt to give your hands rest and smoothness in summers. Continue reading

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Navy Mesh Slip on Shoe

Slip on shoes is something unique Primark has tried in their summer 15 collection. The Navy colour and net style of the shoes make them perfect for summers. The style of the shoes make the ideal to pass air and keep your feet cool and calm in summers. That is why keeping in mind the weather condition and colour of the shoes these are ideal and super for these summers. Continue reading

images (7)

Navy Backpack

Backpack is more of necessity item then a fashionable item. Primark in their new collection of 2015 includes elegant backpacks. The all new Navy Coloured back pack is a trendy and comfortable designed for up to date trends. Although this back pack would look perfect for ladies also but these are intended for men’s only. The bag is very spacious and have very usefulpartitions inside it. Continue reading

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Multi Coloured Polka Dot Shirt

Primark formal shirts are very popular and well known among the customers. The newfangled collection is very popular and trendy. The new arrivals of summer 2015 has hit the stores and has become viral in public. Now a days shoppers are looking for something different, Unique and exclusive. Primark has designed this just according to the needs of public and demand of fashion. Continue reading

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Soft Minions Flip Flops

Minion is an animated film character which looks very cute and adorable. These are yellow colour miniatures with their mystery stories. These are popular among people from long period from very long period. Primark has used their design to print on elegant flip flops. These look stunning and flawless. The flip flop is in black colour and the minion is printed on each.Primark has openspontaneous flip flops gathering for summers of 2015. Continue reading

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Funky Minion Eyes iPhone Case

Cell phone protection is very important now a days because slim smart phone now a days available in market is are very elegant and delicate. So could easily break if fall by mistake. To handle such delicate smart phones people use hybrid cases. Good news for I phone users that Primark has launched a new collection of cases. This is an I phone case with minion eyes in yellow colour. Continue reading

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Miami Palm Tree T-Shirt

Miami is a city renowned in the world for its beaches and clubs for casual summer days and fun in summers. The background shown in the beach looks calm and unruffled it’s the one that will hold your eyes and never let you go. The background shows a palm tree and warm sunset to make this mesmerizing and stunning. In summers everyone is hoping to get a break from regular shirt and wear calm and comfortable clothing’s. Continue reading

images (6)

Soothing Miami Beach Flip Flops

Flip flops are essentials of summers they give your feet the true comfort and relaxation which they crave for. The vibrant and lively colours make these very eye catchy and stunning. Primark theme behind these flip flops is Miami Beach they have engraved beach on the top of the surface of these the black and yellow combination of these flip flops make them stunning. The intention of these flip flops is beach theme to relax on summers. Continue reading

images (5)

Maui Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must buy things in the summer. Primark new collection include Maui sunglasses. The colour of the lens is light black. The print on the fame is sea inside the frame and small fish are made on outside the sunglasses frame. These are designed according to the theme of Greek beaches. The name of the glasses is Maui sunglasses which is a world famous beach to spend summers. Continue reading

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Maui Shark Vest

Cotton vest is essential for comfortable and joyful summers. To keep this in mind Primark has designed this all new colourful vest to make your summers stunning. The summers 15 collection include this Maui shark vest. The design and style of this vest is stunning fish in lively pink colour and cool light blue waves to show that you are on holidays. Continue reading